Professional Activities

This website is dedicated to the branch of services that include the design, analysis and generally the product development. Our scientific approach leads to optimized solutions of innovative product research and development or any problem that keeps your business back of the competition.

This website is dedicated to the branch of Siasos R&D services that is related to Mechanical CAD, CNC machining and the development of optimized Post-Processors for your CAM system.

CNC-Seminars focuses on offering professional training and consultation to the products and parts manufacturing sector aiming to the achieving of higher quality and better productivity. Moreover, articles and YouTube videos with machining and CNC programing tips and hints are to be uploaded to this website

Entrepreneurial Activities

ξ /ksi/ cycling is the combination of our passion for bikes with our deep knowledge of engineering and our expertise in manufacturing! This project aims to share with you some of the solutions we have implemented to make our bike life easier both during bike maintenance and by developing custom bike parts that we actually use on our bikes!

Τ was created so as to become the exclusive distributor of ξ /ksi/ cycling products and at the same time host a variety of 3rd party bike tools, parts and accessories.

Content Creation

Alexandros Siasos

This YouTube channel discuss on topics related to bike maintenance and the development of new bike tools and products as part of the ξ /ksi/ cycling project.

CNC Machining Tips / CNC Machining Tips GR

Two Youtube channels have been created aiming to discuss and analyze topics related with the machining operations, the selection of cutting tools and the relevant machining parameters, metrology issues and quality control, the accuracy and the achievability of tolerances, and of course the programming of CNC machine tools

CNC Machining Blog

Visit our blog that is hosted to our website and aims to further discuss every topic that is to be discussed on our videos.

Personal Interests

Alexandros is a bike trials athlete since 2015 and he is also a member of Athens Trials Team that aims to promote bike trials in Greece.

Alexandros manufactures Greek traditional drums since 2005. This was an opportunity to face product development and manufacturing problems before he becomes a professional mechanical engineer. His persistence to the details led him to construct traditional Greek drums of great quality.